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10 Inspirational ideas to elevate your wedding plans

Having been through the planning stage of my wedding I had to visit many wedding fairs to ensure I was the best informed to make decisions. Moreover, as a wedding photographer I have seen what can work at a wedding and what doesn’t. In this blog, I will hopefully be able to shed some light on ideas that could potentially set you apart from others and make your whole wedding experience perfect.

1. Stag and hen planners

Your wedding arrangement doesn’t just start with the wedding itself. When you go into the process of getting married you realise that it is not just one day, there is the stag do, wedding and honeymoon. This can seem like a lot of arrangements. Therefore, any company can arrange this for you can really make your life easy. There are now websites that such as GoHen below that makes the option easy. These websites let you choose a location and the website gives you a number of options of what you can do – you simply choose your options and they will book the trip for you.

2. Tailored suits

Every Bride spends a huge amount of time on their outfit and as a result they look amazing. However, men may not spend as much time and you can sometimes tell. I have been to many wedding and I can tell you with complete confidence that spending that extra amount on a tailored and fitted suit really does make the difference. It will also make your wedding pictures shine!

Tailored suits also don’t have to be as expensive as one may seem. There are plenty of street and tailors off Saville Row that can offer you suits for £400!!

3. String quartet

Now your wedding day has arrived you need to start think about some crucial points in the day. As standard this is arrival, ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast, drinks, evening events and evening foods. Now you spend a lot of money on this day. You don’t want to let it down by following through on the smaller details. Therefore, instead of having a generic CD playing for the ceremony why not look into a string quartet as seen in the link below.

4. 2 photographers (enquire to find out more)

To ensure that you capture every moment of you wedding why not enquire at my link above “contact me” and I can offer you a 2nd photographer. This means when one person is taking the brides pictures, someone else can be taking the groom prepare. Moreover, every guest is captured with greater frequencies offering you the best opportunity to look amazing!

5. photo booth

There are certain things that everyone has at their weddings. Photo booths have become quite the craze of recent. However, I can safely say all guests have their enjoyment from it. It allows people to capture the moment and remember your wedding for years to come.

Why not check the link below for further details?

6. Fuji polaroid cameras

Now I may be bias as I am a photographer however all photographic options at a wedding for me can really get all the guest pooling together and sharing moment. This gorgeous, cute instax mini camera is perfect for taking polaroid pictures. If you follow the link below you can find that these polo raids are reasonable for those individuals with a greater budget for extra options.

7. Chocolate stationary and placeholders

One cute idea that I have seen when visiting a wedding fair is chocolate stationary and placeholder. Maybe you want to do something creative with the table numbers at the wedding breakfast. If so, look no further, you can have a chocolate number or name. If you want to make the table seat placeholder to be more memorable than just paper card than chocolate is the way forward. Who doesn’t like chocolate?

8. Candy trolley

For those who don’t like chocolate. This will be perfect for you. SWEETS. Sugary delicious SWEETS. All packed into the cutest trolley for all your guests to help themselves to. Everyone loves these at weddings. They are quirky, create talking points and also brings back great memories and nostalgia. Have a look at the supplier below for more details.

9. Free bar

Being a man and having been a guest at a wedding before working in the industry professionally I knew that there were three things I was always looking forward to. One was seeing friends and family, secondly was the food but thirdly was the bar. Now if I was so lucky as to be a guest at one with a free bar it can be truly special. It used to be more traditional to offer this but of late people have been cutting down on cost and one thing that normally goes first is the free bar. Well why not separate your wedding from other and share the love – and free drinks!!

10. Perfect honeymoons

HONEYMOONS – your opportunity to have the biggest and most extravagant holiday and really let your hair down; pull all the stops. I know I don’t want to go through the hassle of arranging the trip. Now to make it easier here are a few classic options on where to go:

  • Bali

  • Singapore

  • Dubai

  • Bora bora

  • Hawaii

Now if you don’t know what you want to do in these locations have a look at the incredible or where they can customise a premium honeymoon.

Final thoughts

Hopefully some of these ideas above has given you some guidance of the before, during and after wedding plans. The links should also make your life a little easier.

Now, I can give you one final tip – if you don’t already have a photographer than why not check out some of my photographs on my homepage. If you like what you see then please make an enquiry to find your perfect bespoke package. Prices start at an amazingly reasonable £500!

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