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Wedding Photographer Windsor

There are many wedding photographers in Windsor as it is a prime location for any wedding. Not only does it have some premium venues such as Oakley Court, Sir Christopher Wren and Castle Hotel. But within Berkshire and Buckinghamshire is simply a beautiful place with vast countryside’s and lush’s parks to capture beautiful photos. For instance Windsor, great park and the long walk are frequent places that I take my clients for engagement shoot – the pictures are amazing and it also doubles up as an opportunity for me to get to know my clients, and for them to become comfortable around the camera, if they are not already.

Wedding photographers within Berkshire and Buckinghamshire can cost on average £1,200. Given all the expenses that couples have to pay for a wedding, this price can sometimes be too much for people. I however offer a premium, 12-hour service for the cheap price of just £499! If you want further details of pricing in the area please visit my blog on wedding photography pricing

I pride myself on my ability to meet my client’s needs, and because of that I am yet to have a negative review – I put this down to two factors. One being the way I get to know my clients. I like to take the time to understand my clients’ preferences and comfortability in front of the camera so that I can capture the best photographs possible. Secondly, I believe my passion and wanting to improve constantly at photography is pushed through on the day of the wedding.

Windsor is an amazing place. As I touched on earlier they offer an array of wedding venues that should be able to meet anyone’s wants and needs. I go into more details of the best venues in then visit my blog for a detailed review of wedding venues in Windsor, or check out my Venue page. However, just to give you an idea, 2 of my favourite sites are as follows.

Oakley Court

This gothic style setting is perfect for a couple looking for something a bit different with bags loads of character. This venue is set within a beautiful surrounding with amazing green lawns and the Thames running right along it. You can really capture some amazing photographs here.

What’s more is that this venue doubles up as a hotel so the party can go on into the morning and no one needs to worry about getting transport elsewhere as their room is only 5 minutes away. The food is awesome and the service is exceptional.

This venue is a premium site and cost for a premium time of year can venture around £25k. This is factoring in that you would want to include the £6k afternoon tea room that overlooks the Thames for the ceremony, which I would seriously recommend. With this room you get a huge amount of natural light that is every photographers dream.

Sir Christopher Wren

My second choice of venue sits dead centre in the middle of Windsor town centre. It again runs adjacent to the river Thames and the Eton bridge so you get some amazing contrast of views. This site is perfect for anyone who wants to have a classy, modern and cosmopolitan wedding.

Being in the centre of Windsor access via public transport is very easy and convenient – the station is literally a 5-minute walk away so no one should have an issue getting to this site from London. If anyone is travelling from further away than they can stay at the venue as this is also a hotel, and a brilliant one at that offering a spa, so you can really get yourself relaxed for the big day.

Photo opportunities are vast at this site, not only do you have the river but if you are brave enough you can venture to the castle or even take a short drive to the long walk in order to get some once in a opportunity.

Some more venues I go into more detail into on my blog are The Royal Adelaide Hotel, Castle Hotel and more.

So if you want a Windsor based photographer that offers a premium, low cost (£499!) service, who know the area exceptionally well than why not complete my bespoke questionnaire on my Prices page of my website and we can arrange an engagement shoot that gives me the opportunity to get to know you and your wedding plans.

I hope this blog has been helpful to you in understanding the wedding photographer I am and also the passion I have for the area. Please check out my other blogs to understand the type of photography that I like to take and also for other wedding tips for your big day.

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