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Discount Wedding Photographer in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire

Wedding photographers can be expensive. The average cost of a wedding photographer in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire is circa £1,600. When you consider that you can pay £20,000 for a venue than any opportunity to get a discount is vital. This is why for a limited time only I will be offering a discount on my current wedding packages.

The reason I say this is a limited time offer is that this 20% discount on my standard rate will only be afforded to the first 10 people who book me to be their photographer. So it is crucial that if you want to get a full inclusive service of a professional photographer you contact me as soon as possible.

I have completed many weddings already, all the photos of which can be seen on my website, so I do have experience with wedding photography. However, compared to a number of other photographers on the market I may have comparatively less experience.

I have been a professional photographer for many years already, so I am not new to photography however I am still in the process of building up a significant portfolio for wedding photography. The reason I say this is that I want complete trust and transparency when it comes to providing a professional service.

So as I have mentioned for the next 10 people who contact me they will be getting a full 20% discount on all banded packages from less than 5 hours, 5 to 10 hours and over 10 hours. This is a real opportunity to get an affordable price for a photographer.

I am incredibly passionate about what I do and love that I can do it within and around Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. These counties provide such a beautiful backdrop to a whole host of wedding venues and can really make photographs look incredible. More than these the venues are incredible.

If you are looking for a great deal today than please click on the quick quote page above.

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