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Best (affordable) wedding photography in Berkshire

The best wedding photographers in Berkshire manage to capture natural and organic photographs that look as though they are choreographed. The service I offer is somewhat encapsulated in this style of photography. I love to take documentary style images. Being based in Windsor I am very familiar with all the venues that this county has to offer. Whether you are looking for a grand classical wedding in Stoke Park or a more unique Gothic style venue such as Oakley court, my photography style will cater to your needs.

The best photographs are taken when people don’t feel that a camera is being pushed into their face. When a photographer a be un-intrusive, as I aim to be, magical moments will form naturally. These special moments are often those that make the best images and the ones that I can feel proudest of taking.

My prices are currently reflective of my experience. I may not have the same number of wedding under my belt as some of the photographers on the market however my prices reflect that. My prices currently start at £500 for a full day of photography. For this price, you can have me for a full day that usually takes around 10 hours, from preparation to first dance. I am incredibly attentive to my client’s needs and do not clock watch. In this time, you will have at least 300 incredible images. I especially like to get my clients prior to the big day so that I know how comfortable the couple is prior to the big day. As such I will be even more careful of the style of photography that I will take.

The average photographer in this area is around £1250 – which means that you will be getting a photographer for 40% under the current market price. If you want to see the sort of images that I take please follow the portfolio page on my website. I come with some of the best equipment that money can buy which means that your images will be perfect for any format. Whether this be album, framed image, Instagram or Facebook.

I really hope that you get in touch and we can discuss you plans, starting at when the big day so that I can confirm the date, checking availability. I have also performed significant research over a whole range of wedding venues – so please follow the venue page on my website to get inspiration if you have not done already.

It would be my pleasure to get to know you and even more so capture your photos for the big day. I love what I do, and I hope I can share my passion for wedding photography in general with you. I have prepared a questionnaire page where you can tell me exactly the type of wedding photographer in Berkshire that you would want – this allows me to price up the bespoke wedding for you and also initially understand what you want.

Thank you for visiting my blog – for more marriage and wedding ideas and material then please see my other blog pages.


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