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Best Wedding Photographer in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire At A Reasonable Price

There are plenty of photographers to choose from in the Berkshire and Buckinghamshire area. However, as you have probably seen when you search for these on Google the first and second pages are filled with people who charge in excess of £1,500. I know for most people this is an exceptionally large amount of money.

If like me you would be looking for someone who still provides a professional high-quality service at a more reasonable price range than you have come to the right place. I specialise in providing bespoke wedding packages that suit your demands and your ideas. My prices start as low as £400!

My style of photography is un-intrusive documentary style. I like to take a step back and capture the intimate moments in a more natural manner. Instead of orchestrated the crowd I let the guest mingle and enjoy themselves. I believe this allows me to capture moments that cannot be coordinated.

Now obviously every bride and groom want to have group shots which I accommodate. Ensuring that we have the perfect backdrop for the occasion that is atypical of the wedding you are having. However, this is usually done in a more efficient way. I will communicate with you prior to the day in order to understand what groupings you will want on the day to make sure this is correctly organized.

I use some of the best lenses and up to date equipment money can buy to ensure that the images are crisp and clear. I also come with a wealth of experience so you can be assured that you are in safe hand.

I would say the qualities of a brilliant photographer and rules that you can be rest assured I follow are:

- Understanding the couple and working with them from the moment they book

- ensuring everyone is captured at the wedding

- punctual and professional service

- no clock watching and photographing all the moments that the bride and groom want

- professional and quality images

- a variety of documentary, arranged and creative images

- photography that captures the mood and the surroundings

I really love photography and capturing people looking the best and happiest they can be. Weddings therefore provide me with so much inspiration. I find getting to know my clients and knowing they are happy with the final product immensely satisfying.

I would love to find out what sort of wedding you are having and work out a package for you. Please click through to the Prices page in order to register your interest and lets work out the perfect wedding photography package for you.


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