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3 Best Wedding Venues In Windsor

The wedding venues I really believe are beautiful in Windsor have been chosen based primarily on their ability to capture beautiful photographs. As I am a wedding photographer based in Windsor I have really got to know each of these venues and truly believe they have a lot to offer. The venues I have chosen in no particular order are:

  1. Oakley Court

  2. De Vere Beaumont Estate

  3. Sir Christopher Wren Hotel

First thing that should be noted is that these wedding venues are not the cheapest but as for value for money these are all brilliant. They are all incredibly picturesque and all really show off what Windsor has to offer.

Oakley Court

Oakley Court is my first choice for wedding venues in Windsor. This venue sits directly on the River Thames so it is really easy to get a variety of photography shots. The building itself is a magnificent Victorian Gothic mansion which is unlike any other venue I have been too. This building is unique and unforgettable.

I feel there are a number of amazing wedding shots that any bride and groom want to have to remember the wedding day – one is group shots of close family and friends – as you have the river, grand building and expansive lawn areas you really have a flexible and versatile range to play with.

Priced at £139 per head and seating up to 150 guests this venue can set you back £21,000.

I would say that you need to have a significant number of guests since the area to have the dance floor is relatively big. I find that images come out a lot better when the dance floor is full and creates a significantly greater lever of atmosphere.

To get full use of the facilities you can hire an additional room for the ceremony that overlooks the Thames and provides natural light as you walk down the aisle, and additional £6,000 will be required.

De Vere Beaumont Estate

The De Vere Beaumont Estate has a huge amount to offer for any wedding. This venue sits a little way away from the Thames. Within the immaculate 40 Acres of parkland grounds stands the 18th Century Mansion, 75 event spaces and a Georgian White house – it literally has it all. Each of these spaces offers a huge chance to capture beautiful spaces.

This venue has recently been refurbished so it promises to have a combination of authentic original features as well as having some gorgeous contemporary design. There are a number of places to hold the wedding breakfast however the main hall that seats the largest of parties is incredibly grand, its brings in a huge amount of natural light and makes everything in pictures pop.

The incredible thing with this venue is it has a capacity to hold 550 guests. Obviously with this capability you will be looking at cost over the £25,000 range. However, parties of this size always create dynamic documentary style shots.

What I particularly love, weather bearing is the patio and expansive lawns where guests can explore and enjoy the drinks reception. Given the variety of venues that they have on the site you are never far away from achieving contrasting photography shots.

Part of my style of photography is to create these documentary style shots. The unforced magic moments that always looking natural. I think by hanging back and not being up close to people they always look relaxed and it always comes of better in such a way.

Sir Christopher Wren Hotel

This hotel, although smaller than the other two, offers a huge number of features that could make this the perfect venue for you.

This venue is situated at the heart of Windsor, next to the Eton Bridge. Obviously being in such a beautiful location I would fully recommend making the most of the surrounding and capture some pretty spectacular photographs.

The patio area for the drinks reception is simply magic. If you are lucky enough to have a sunny day this venue is particular remarkable as you are in prime position to enjoy the River Thames.

There is obviously not an expansive lawn area at this location however what it lacks in greenery it makes up with its Iconic Windsor surrounds – if you’re brave enough you capture the Castle and the Thames.

This is a slightly smaller venue than the other two seating up to 110 guests, starting out at £80 per person – coming to £8,800 – which is reasonably priced given the facilities. However, the more premium packages start at £135 which would set you back £14,850.

Other venues in the area to consider

Although these are 3 of my favourites there are a number of other venues in Windsor that may take your fancy. Firstly, there is the Adelaide Hotel which sits alongside the Long Walk which makes it a great location for capturing shots with the Castle in the back ground. Finally, there is the Castle Hotel Windsor which is located by the front entrance of the Castle. You cannot go wrong with any of these venues. For further details please check out the venues section of my Website. I hope this has helped you narrow down your search.

Please feel free to request a bespoke wedding booking from my prices page if you are still looking for a photographer. I would love to chat through your plans and help out which ever way I can.


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