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Cheap Wedding Photographer Windsor Berkshire [from £500]

Cheap wedding photographers are hard to come by in the Windsor, Berkshire and Bucks. Based on research done by the average wedding photographer for this area is £1,200. Now for some people this is a huge amount of money that they didn’t expect to pay. I was one of these people arranging my own wedding not too long ago. However, everyone wants a photographer with high quality photographs and a professional service. This is the service I offer. My prices start as low as £500 and you will be getting me for the whole day.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have been a photographer for many years however I have only recently turned my attention to wedding photography. Therefore I am offering for limited time only a price at this range. I have performed a handful of weddings, and for some of my favourites please draw your attention to the Portfolio page of my website.

I would characterise my style of photography as documentary. The pictures I like to take are from a far, allowing the scene to naturally form so that I can capture the relaxed nature of friends and family conversing. When it comes to group shots I like to prepare and take these efficiently in around 15 minutes so that everyone can carry on enjoying the rest of their day.

I have enjoyed being the photographer at every wedding I have been contracted at. I love getting to know you, the bride and groom from the very start. Understanding how comfortable you are around the camera and what particular shot you like to be captured. Following on from this, I think that the best photographs are taken when the photographer understands his clients. In this way I can really work with you throughout the day. Whats more if you want to meet beforehand for a coffee or even for an engagement shoot this can also be arranged.

Overall you are getting a photographer with real passion for what he does. You are getting a professional quality service and fantastic photos at the end of it and all for a price that is cheap and affordable at just £500. The first step on your journey is complete my bespoke questionnaire of exactly what you want from your wedding photographer. Be rest assured that I will work with and accommodate your needs – so if there is any service not shown on my questionnaire than feel free to ask and I am sure I can provide whatever is needed.

Please contact me to ask me anything you want and I look forward to your wedding.

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