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7 Reasons To Choose A Berkshire Wedding

Wedding venues in Berkshire have a huge amount to offer. Even more so it makes a wedding photographers life easy. I will go over the top 10 reasons in this blog why I think you should consider choosing a venue in this location. Moreover, I can recommend some of my favourite venues that have those features.

  1. Variety

  2. Grandeur


  4. River Thames

  5. Character and authenticity

  6. Access (Heathrow & M4)

  7. Hospitality

Variety of Venues

As a wedding photographer, I see a number of different venues in the area. One thing I am always amazed of is the variety of venues that one can attend.

If you want a quaint pub wedding with incredible hospitality you can find it in a venue such as Stirrups. On the other hand, if you want a grand wedding with all the premium feature one can expect in order to feel like a princess there is Stoke park and Hedsor House. However, if you want a venue truly unique with gothic features or even an open space barn where you can really apply your stamp on the place then there is Oakley Court or Tudor Barn respectfully. Finally given the quant towns nearby you can have choose a wedding venue you can have a wedding in somewhere such as Sir Christopher Wren in Windsor or even the Macdonald Compleat Anglear in Marlow.

No matter what wedding you are looking for you can be rest assured that this is the perfect area to find what you are after. Just check out my Venues page for more venues and ideas.


Whilst I talk about the variety of venues above I would really like to stipulate that amongst the venues that are you have to offer I really believe that Berkshire offers some of the grandest that you can choose.

Given the expansive lawns and incredible views these large manor houses and country homes have the perfect setting for a wedding.

Some of these venues are perfect for exceptionally large parties of 200. You can choose from the previously mentioned Stoke park, Hedsor House and even the De Vere Beaumont Estate. What are incredible about these venues is that they are stunning without any additional decoration. Although these venues can be expensive – if you are after a once in a life time venue these are perfect.


Berkshire offers a plethora of gorgeous views. Given that this is outside the main city of London you have the advantage of being far enough away from the concrete and near the beautiful leafy green areas.

Although the towns like Windsor have their advantages as it is dead easy for guests to book accommodation the difference in photographs in less urban areas is very noticeable.

Picture this; Summer is turning to winter and the leaves on the trees are turning a gorgeous auburn colour like fire. Views stretch far as the eyes can see with luscious green lawns and there sitting amongst it all is an immaculate white stoned building that welcomes all guests its incredible glory. The contrasting colours set off against an elegant wedding dress is anything a bride can ask for and more.

River Thames

There are a number of venues such as Oakley Court, Sir Christopher Wren and the compleat angler that even have the fortune to sit against one of Britain’s most iconic rivers. This long sweeping rivers offers not only the opportunity for guest to enjoy their drinks in style if you are prepared to order a boat.

If a boat does not take your fancy and you feel it may draw attention from the venue you have chosen to attend you will also have the benefit of having this as a backdrop in a number of the photos you have on the day.

Character and authenticity

Although grand in nature there is also a huge amount of history with these building. Now the venues have of course been updated and modified as to show the gorgeous contemporary features so that the building does not look dated. However, the venues have also provided a huge amount of detail.

For instance, The De Vere Beaumont estate is a is a beautiful 18th century mansion, a chapel, 75 event spaces and a Georgian white house all situated within 40 acres of beautiful parkland grounds. Originally built as a public school in 1854 – and the grand hall has unmissable high ceilings.

For those with smaller parties you may want to look at Cantley house hotel. This venue has a classic Victorian manor house to our distinctive 17th century barn – the gorgeous beams in this barn offers beautiful backdrops and can also be used to hang or offset some original features you may want to put in this building.

Access (Heathrow & M4)

Berkshire sits with many access point from traveller’s domestic or abroad.

Heathrow, Lincoln airport, Gatwick and even London airports are all convenient and within 45 minutes by drive to most Berkshire venues.

Just outside of the m40, m3, m4, m25 all routes lead to this area which means that if guests are travelling within the UK most roads lead to straight to `Berkshire.

Finally train routes into London in the most part pass through Berkshire.

Either way there are plenty of options for all guests.


The final point to mention is from all the venues I have visited whilst being a wedding photographer I have never seen a more accommodating level of service. I have found that the venues staff go out of their way to ensure that the bride and grooms needs are met.

I find that you wither have a more premium venue like stoke park where you pay a premium for first class service. However, the smaller venues can be even more accommodating because the staff really focus on making sure you feel special and in a sense, compensate for the less grandeur setting.

Final points….

I hope that this has provided you with a number of reasons why the Berkshire area is perfect to hold your wedding. I had my wedding here and I am also a professional photographer in this area so know the place well. If you want to contact me to discuss venues or even design your own photography package today than please follow my Prices page and fill out a questionnaire today.


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