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7 Reason To Choose An Amazing Barn Venue

Everyone loves a good ole-barn venue. They’re often extremely picturesque and frequently create the perfect photo opportunities that every bride and groom desire. As a wedding photographer, I have seen a lot of these wedding and I can safely say that they never disappoint.

So with-out further a due these are my top 7 reasons to choose an amazing barn wedding.

  1. Blank canvas

Most barns although rich in detail often has a lot of space to work with. Either you can hang, drape or provide additional lighting in order to really add your own stamp on the festivities.

With a conventional wedding such as those in golf courses, manor houses and private estates you will find that the walls are already have a design or colour scheme which you generally need to follow in order to fit in with the building. Barns are often different as the are normally white walled with wooden banisters and beams – this means you can normally design further features.

  1. Authentic features

Another factor is the original features are often kept in order to resemble the outside. When you have a wedding in a hotel you often find that on the inside there is a very minimalistic view and when standing amongst it you could really be anywhere. What is special with a barn wedding is the sense of character which is formed from the authentic features. You really get a sense of place with the outside often resembling the inside which can be really beautiful.

  1. Open plan

For larger weddings a barn type setting is often ideal. Normally you have a lot of open space. For one this means you can get a lot more tables in and have the flexibility to have the top table where ever you want. More than that you can be rest assured that all tables will be given equal precedence and view in relation to the rest of the guests. So there is no need to stress about the all important table arrangements.

Another brilliant feature of the large open space is the tables can be moved aside with relative ease to hold the dance floor. Although this often takes some time after the wedding breakfast in order to get everything in order. It means that the elderly guests can be seated and still enjoy the dancing. I have seen lot’s of venues where there are separate rooms with no seating to the wedding breakfast and as a result the dynamic is somewhat ruined.

  1. Warming Colours

You should never underestimate the colours and décor to affect the mood and feel of a venue. The warmth that is generated from having low dark and rich oak beams seem to hug the guests together and create an easing environment.

People are used to seeing exposed beams in cottages or chalet and in both conditions you associate the environment to one of relaxation which is perfect for any wedding mood.

  1. Theme – barn dance

Although not for everyone a barn also often the opportunity to build a theme around the wedding. Being a barn it would seem reasonable to have such events that would be fitting to the environment.

You don’t even have to go all out – you can just arrange for the food or dancing to different. Maybe you could organize to have a hog roast – one that may not be fitting for a more classic manor house wedding.

Although you can have a classy event you could also go for a more casual laid-back wedding and have a barn dance.

  1. Acres of lawns

BY nature, being a barn the general location is often within very lush fields and immaculate lawns. What this means is that the views are often stunning and vast. Moreover, you can often get a mixture of shots by going for a stroll.

There is also the opportunity to use this lawn area for marquees and expand the facility for greater party sizes. Weather being nice you can also go out and have a couple of drinks outside and really have some contrast to the event.

  1. Rich in photo opportunities

For all the reasons previously stated these venues offer a plethora of photo opportunities. With the authentic rich colours that can be provided in a barn environment they can beautifully offset the Dress and outfits of all the guests. Furthermore, the immaculate lawns provide brilliant opportunities for large group shots with gorgeous backgrounds.

So whether it be Wasing Park, Lillibrooke Manor and Great Barn or Great Foster you have a huge number of opportunities within the Berkshire county to have the a beautiful barn wedding in the Berkshire and Buckinghamshire counties.

Please visit my blog for further fantastic ideas for wedding ideas in the Berkshire area. Moreover, if you want to now 5 fantastic barn weddings within the county please visit my next release blog to be released soon.

If you wish to book a wedding photographer that knows the area extremely well and has an incredible passion for the profession please book your bespoke wedding package today. Prices start at a remarkable £500.


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