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How Much Does a Good Wedding Photographer Cost?

Wedding photography can start from anywhere in the regions of £475 to £6,000. The average wedding photographer within the Berkshire and Buckingham area cost around £1,200. However, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you will get a good wedding photographer. Prices are largely dependent on the features that you select in your wedding package

There are plenty of options available to you for a wedding photographer. Much of the options are shown in the Prices section of my website. However, you can have a wedding photographer for just 5 hours which would cover the wedding ceremony through to the speeches. If you choose an 8-hour package you could also include bridal preparation. However, as I would advise you to get a 12-hour package which would include both the bridal preparations through to the first dance. For most photographers, this can add on a significant cost. I am however offering a service that lasts up to 12 hours and only start at £499!

When you are determining to book a photographer, you can also select many features for post productions. You may want a wedding album, USB, extended picture ranges (+600 images), two photographers and superior wedding editing and photo-shopping. These features also need to be considered in the cost. So that £1,200 average would then start to increase when you start added extras such as these and costs can rise in excess of £2,000 easily.

At this point it may be worth you are checking out my Portfolio. Here you can see beautiful and classic documentary style photography. When you book with me you will get an extended album of up to 600 pictures, a personalised online webpage where you can download and link your friends to. What’s more, as stated above, given the 12 hours I am with you I will be able to capture everything from bridle preparations right through to first dance. I can assure you as well that I do not clock watch and so can capture all the amazing moments from your special day.

At the end of the day I think the best pictures are ones where the couple and their guest feel comfortable. Part of the joys for photography is getting to know the client – what your likes and dislikes are so that I am able to capture the photographs that you want. Maybe you want more group shots, couple shots, documentary stand offish pictures – what every it is I can assure you that I can cater to your needs. I offer a personal package that allows you to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Lastly a wedding photographer can really only be judged by the photographs that he or she takes. At this price point I believe that my photographs offer classic and timeless element that is offered at a cost far higher than mine. I spend a huge amount of time in post-production editing the images as well to ensure that the amazing photographs that are taken can really shine. However, if you view a range of other website there is a limitation in the post production. Of course, this means that you can editing the photographs afterword’s however you will want the full package. You want to know that the pictures you receive are album ready.

If you feel that this interests you then please follow through to my Prices page in order to complete your own bespoke questionnaire so that I can take an initial gauge as to what style of photography you like. Moreover, given the limited availability into 2018 I can start to see if there is a time that can match our schedules. I love capturing natural and intimate moments that can be seen throughout your wedding day – I am fortunate and very lucky to be given this time to address you and discuss the style and photography that I offer. For more inspirational idea than please visit my blog. I hope to hear from you soon and potential be the photographer that matches your needs.


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